Ep. 22 | Another Day of War

2 years ago

Hosts: Donald, Benji, Lemuel

Guest: Iphey

The crew catch up and Donald introduces Iphey (0:14). Donald's Tweet of the week has the crew sharing some childhood experiences (3:17) and Iphey talks about the changes she has observed among Nigerian parents over the years (11:47).

The group share their thoughts on the definition of masculinity (14:24). Iphey talks about labels and putting people in boxes (19:00). Afraid to cry Lemuel (23:17)? Lemuel talks about gender roles (24:22). I'm not fragile! Trust me (27:00)! The group discuss fighting for equality and shared experiences (32:05). Iphey talks about the everyday reality of a woman (34:34).

Benji talks about the motives of men in the fight for equality (38:58) and shares a story with the group (43:05). Benji shares his thoughts on accountability in a particular situation (47:01). The crew wrap up the show talking about Iphey's blog (48:46).

Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here

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