Ep. 11 | Get out! Windows 98?!

2 years ago

Hosts : Donald, Cel, Vee, Lemuel

We're back! The crew catch-up after a week away, but Cel would rather be somewhere else (0:50). Free Your Mind Frenzy segment begins, brace yourself for a tech theme this week, Africans across the continent have been up to some really interesting stuff! (2:50).

Vee and the rest of the crew discuss the ways tech can be introduced into our educational system in Ghana (3:20) and Lemuel brings our attention to a different side of things regarding the discussion on technology (5:25). The crew discuss the need for private schools to step up their game (8:02). Step forward Justin Kashaigili, Donald introduces a black star (10:30)! Is there a potential market for motorcycle transport in Ghana (11:12)?

Donald expresses his concerns at the lack of enough preventive care measures for a country that struggles with healthcare delivery (17:04). Medical Marijuana? Now that could be tricky (20:22).

Tinder for all! Even for those without thumbs (20:35). Donald introduces the main topic, the crew discuss hitting children and it's effect on abusers and victims of abuse (23:30). Vee is a mother, but not to a human (24:57). Donald talks about children imitating and the validation of domestic violence (29:50). Finally, whose timeline is this? (35:15)

Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here

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